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China - as seen from inside

On this page I like to share some insights to contemporary Chinese society from westernes who actually live and works in China.
This is just to provide you with the opportunity, to get an alternative to the western mainstream media stories about China.
Now it goes without saying when it comes to China news in western media the following rules seems to apply:
  1. Any negative story from China must by definition be true
  2. Any positive story must as well be a lie or chinese propaganda
  3. Anyone how claims different may either be a Chinese Communist agent or has been brainwashed!
So I myself must be brainwashed too! This page is made with special thoughts to good friends and coworkers, whom have strong opionions on China, based on their western main stream media.

I don't blame them for this - I just hope they will take the opportunity to gather more knowledge on what China also or really is....

Westernes living in China:

Inside China Business by Kevin

Kevin is a businessman working and living in China, Shandong prov. He has excellent knowledge on international trade, logistics and industrial valuechains etc.

YouTube Channel

Jerrys take on China

Jerry - a former english policeman - lives in southern China. He has traveled all around China (on bicycle) and have deep insights to Chinas culture etc.

Youtube Cannel

Daniel Dumbrill

Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Media Lies and the War On China, w/ Daniel Dumbrill

Andy Boreham

Even respected human rights groups are lying to you about Xinjiang, here's how...

Cyrus Janssen

I Just Exposed the Biggest Problem in US China Relations

Li Jingjing talks w. Jerry Grey

British-Australian Jerry Grey, who has traveled to Xinjiang five times and bicycled across several provinces of China, shares his journey and observations of Xinjiang with CGTN.

Independent Journalists:

Vanessa Beeley

Vanessa Beeley is NOT living in China - but I still included this interview here.

She's EXPOSING the truth in China, and they're furious | Redacted Conversation w Vanessa Beeley.

Warning - this interview also touch upon the current war in Ukraine!!!


CENSORED in MSM! Uyghur genocide narrative DESTROYED

China Global Television Network (CGTN):

DIALOUGE - Ideas matters

DIALOUGE WITH YANG RUI is a prime time daily English talk show on CGTN. The 30-minute talk show covers a wide range of China and international topics, providing a balanced and critical perspective on current affairs and analysis within the framework of cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary comparisons

The Hub with Wang Guan

The Point with LIU Xin

The Point with LIU Xin is a weekday prime time opinion show on CGTN. It presents in-depth analysis of major world issues and features both international and Chinese viewpoints on the subjects under discussion. The Point comments on global news through LIU Xin’s personal perspective, while at the same time connecting with viewers on all continents through social media.